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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Friday was my day off and I spent most of the morning doing homework. In the afternoon I put a new roof on my workshop, one I hope will be just enough more water-tight to keep the leak from letting water in during the winter.

Obviously, since I got it done in just an afternoon, I took short cuts to get my roof done. I just rolled on 30 pound tarpaper, over the shingles, overlapped it and nailed it down with roofing nails and roofing nails with plastic flanges.

The best thing I did yesterday was buy a set of those carpenter knee pads while at Home Depot! I couldn't have gotten that job done without those knee pads! But I did get it done before dark and hopefully I'll have a drier workshop this winter.

Springtime will see me replacing the entire roof I suppose.

Today was yard cleanup day and I did get the front yard mowed and the leaves cleaned up. Neighbor Leonard was working on his yard and filling his trailer with leaves so I helped get it filled up and then emptied at the Green Dump drop-off station. I've got all those garden hoses put away and the power equipment treated with Sta-bil. Leonard couldn't get his creaky old RV started and its blocking part of the driveway, so I still don't have our camper tucked away for the winter, but maybe tomorrow I can finish that job.

Finally tonight, I bought a new printer for the computer. Our old one, a Canon, needed a new printhead and the only way to get one was through mail order from Staples and cost $50 plus shipping. I shopped around a bit this morning and tonight we went and spent a little more than that to buy a new HP printer. This one prints and copies and scans so I retired both the old printer and my clunky scanner too.

Now, tonight, I'm tired and stiff and sore all over! Tomorrow, more schoolwork!

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